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Want to get into rallying? Well here's your chance!

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An intro rally like the Keyworks Henry Lawson Memorial Rally is a perfect opportunity to try out rally.

When Goldilocks said "it's not too long, it's not too short it's just right" she must have been taking the shortest mapped route to Grandmas house!

Ok enough of the bad jokes.

But she was right. An intro rally has to be held in a 4 hour time frame so it doesn't require extensive or expensive preparation. As well the stages are designed to be under a 90 km/h average speed although the Henry rally will run around a 60 km/h average.

Practically any car will be suitable provided it has reasonable ground clearance. Good tread on the tyres, seat belts, working washers and wipers and light are some of the minimum prerequisites to enable an enjoyable day.

Next, the driver needs a navigator to call the route from the supplied instructions. This is a blind rally so there is no practice or recce. The navigators job apart from not chucking up is to relay the information to the driver in a timely manner, keep track of the time due in at the end of transports and not get lost. Apparently this is enjoyable for some people so if you find a good navigator he or she is worth hanging onto. Lightweight is a bonus!

CAMS licence level 2s and club membership for both crew is a must.

But going back to what else you need to tackle this event. The car has to be registered as part of the course takes you onto public roads and needs to carry the following; 2 safety triangles which are used to advise following cars that you have stopped on the stage for whatever reason, a first aid kit like the St Johns motorist kit, 1 or 2 fire extinguishers totaling 2kg, plus mud flaps on the driving wheels and the rear wheels if 4WD or FWD.

More details of the requirements can be found in the general requirements section of the CAMS Manual schedule R. It can be found on line at

Lastly a helmet for the driver and nav complying with AS2698 which has to be worn on the stages, and nonflammable clothing from neck to ankle to wrist.

The Keyworks Henry Lawson Memorial Rally is only 65 km long so it's an ideal chance to experience the sideways action of rally for minimal cost.

And when you get to the finish and start trading stories of the day with your fellow competitors you might decide that rally is "just right" for you too.

Find out more about entering the Keyworks Henry Lawson Memorial Rally.



Entry list and Spectator guide now available at
see page 5 for the entry list.

Straights are for fast cars; corners are for fast drivers!