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2012 SA Conditions of Rallying and 2012 SARC Series regulations

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The 2012 South Australian Conditions of Rallying & SARC Series Regulations have now been approved by the CAMS state council. With the release of the 2012 versions of the documents, registrations are now open for the 2012 SARC.

The SARC registration form can be found within the 2012 SA Conditions of Rallying documents. The Documents are attached below.

Round 1 of the South Australian Rally Championship will kick off with the Rallye Wattle Range on the 13th 7 14th of April 2012.

2009 SA Rally Documents


Hi all,

For those that haven't seen these yet, I have put the 2009 SA Rally Conditions, SARC Series Supp Regs and link to the 2009 SARC Registration Form in the "SA Rally Panel / Documents" section of the forums:



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